Customer Guidelines

Please be sure to pre-order your food through this website. Once you arrive the food will be prepared for you and brought to your car, no need to wait at the concession stand.

Safety Rules:

Management has the right to refuse service/admission to anyone at any time for any reason as they see fit.

All ticket sales are final NO REFUNDS are given at any time, please make sure you carefully select the desired tickets, any requests or inquiries might take up to 10 days to be resolved.

Raised hatchbacks or lift backs must not be raised any higher than the roof of the vehicle so as not to block the viewing angle of the vehicle behind you. Please be mindful of others and make sure that your lights are off, no-one is seating on roofs impeding others from view the screen.

Sound will be broadcasted through car radios, make sure your radio works and you can tune to a custom station upon arrival.

The SPEED LIMIT on the lot is 5 MPH AT ALL TIMES!!! Always watch for pedestrians.

We hold the right to change the movies at any time if needed, due to recent changes in laws and regulations certain movies will be pulled from our system and will no longer have permission to show them.

"Live Boxing Experience" will go as scheduled rain or shine, even in thunderstorms. Other than power outage we will run the show no matter what. Frequently, threats of rain do not materialize or the rain stops. Some people do not mind “watching” the event with the wipers going. We ask that you hang in there until you see what the weather is going to do.

We ask all attendees to stay in their cars during the time on our property, if bathroom trips are necessary please make sure to wear a mask and stay 6ft away from all pedestrians. We have taken enhanced health and safety measures.

Follow all posted instructions while visiting our facility. An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present.

Employees and security will remain on the grounds at all times for the safety of our guests.


We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for Motor Vehicle accidents.

We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for damage to vehicles or personal property.

We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost or stolen items including, money & personal property.

We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for Medical injuries & accidents.

No Alcohol will be permitted at this event

No pets are allowed, but service animals are always welcomed.

If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to ask us. We are here for you!

Now, sit back and enjoy the show!